Revo Records Opening Times : Monday - Saturday 9.30AM- 5.00PM : Sunday 11.00AM - 4.00PM.
Revo Records Opening Times : Monday - Saturday 9.30AM- 5.00PM : Sunday 11.00AM - 4.00PM.
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The follow-up to Clint Eastwood and General Saint's wildly popular debut Two Bad D.J., and nearly as good, the only thing lacking on African Youth is the exuberance that sizzled around the DJ's first pairing in the studio.

There's still plenty of excitement to be found within this set though, even if the boys are busy working away on their election campaign. They've decided to run for Parliament, and on "Vote for We," which versions the "Real Rock" rhythm, the pair ask for your support. "Disco Queen" boasts an even more sparkling take on "Real Rock," which abet the DJs in capturing her royal highness' heart.

But all is lost with "Shame & Scandal," where the pair air their family's dirty laundry across a fabulous version of the Sir Lancelot calypso favorite. "Stop That Train" is a phenomenal take on The Spanishtonians' much recycled rocksteady hit, and here our two bad boys sing and toast up a storm. "Monkey Man," in contrast, is not a cover of The Maytals' hit, it actually versions the "Full Up" rhythm, but still is certainly inspired in part by The Maytals, and is a sad tale of love lost, set in a sumptuous, deep roots milieu.

However, "Everything Crash" is indeed a cover of The Ethiopians reggae smash, its opening racetrack blast of faux trumpet a sarky reminder that The Ethiopians borrowed the rhythm from The Pioneers' rocksteady hit "Long Shot Kick de Bucket." "Crash's" lyrics are just as relevant to 1983 Britain as 1969 Jamaica, a point that the pair's toast makes plain.

Also in a more cultural mode is "True Vegetarian," a breezy expedition through the pleasures to be found at the greengrocer's. But the real gem is "Nuclear Crisis," a lethal slab of post-punk Gothic, roots warning. By the end, the DJs and the excellent backing Inity Rockers are all celebrating, and be assured you'll be just as "H.A.P.P.Y" as they are.